BE COOL AT THE POOL this summer at Rec. Camp!

Be cool at the pool

We have a “Splashing” update with Camp Wanna Iguana!

 Introducing…  ConvenientMD’s Be Cool by the Pool Days

Camp Wanna Iguana is excited to announce that this summer there will be weekly trips to Durham’s NEW public pool as an additional field trip option!

We are now able to offer our NEW Be Cool at the Pool due to a generous sponsorship from ConvenientMD Urgent Care.  The Be Cool at the Pool field trip option is offered to all our campers at either a VERY reduced fee, or at NO COST at all if campers already possess a Durham pool pass for the summer.

 How are we able to do this so inexpensively?  Basically ConvenientMD Urgent Care – came to our “First – Aid” and offered to sponsor the total price for the bus transportation to shuttle the campers back and forth from Camp to the Pool for all 5 weeks we will be offering this pool outing option.

Click here for full details:  BE COOL AT THE POOL

Already have a pass to the Durham pool?   Contact the Rec. to register your child on this Free field trip.

Don’t have a pass to the Durham pool?  Register online now