Beyond the Last Page Book Club

A book group that’s more than just a book group.  It’s a book group with a twist.  It’s for those readers who want to take what they have read to the next level and experience reading not only by participating in a discussion but by going a little deeper into the genre, setting or time period of the book itself. It might require a field trip to a New England author’s homestead or enjoying an English tea party after reading a British novel. If you are one of those people who just don’t want the book to end and want to relish it a bit further this is the book group for you.  Think of it as ‘Beyond the Last Page’. We will utilize the Newmarket Public Library’s Reads-To-Go program which means there will be no cost for the books.  Added activities are optional and will occasionally be an additional cost.  The group will meet at the Sunrise Sunset Activity center on the first Monday of each month.   

Open to all ages!  Call the Recreation Department today to add your name to the list so we order enough books – 659-8581.

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