Tai Chi & Qigong


Basic Tai Chi and Qigong Fundamentals


Tai chi

Tai Chi is a form of Qigong (Chi GONG),  an energy practice that can benefit anyones health.  This class will consist of learning the Tai Chi principles of relaxation,  proper weight transfer for balance, and correct alignment.  Introductory lessons will include Dantien Breathing, moving against soft resistance, focused movement and Silk Reeling, and some simple coordination practices including Tai Chi walking.

When practiced on a regular basis Tai Chi will improve your balance, coordination, and focus.  Research has shown that you can reduce pain from arthritis, reduce potential of falling, improve your mental balance, and feel healthier just by practicing this ancient art.

All levels welcome.  This class is simple enough for beginners but will challenge more advanced students also.

Winter 2018 Class:  2/7/2018 –  (6 weeks) 5:00 -6:00 pm Wednesdays   Cost $85/session (Seniors $70)


For more information please visit   www.taichi4everybody.com

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