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Want to find new friends interested in the same things as you?  Do you have a hobby that you love and are interested in sharing with like minded adults? Are you interested in trying new things?  Then we invite you to register yourself in our NEW REC Hobby or  Interest Data Base!

We are working on starting a new Recreation Hobby Club for adults in the Newmarket Area that are looking to share their favorite hobbies with others or learn a new hobby for themselves.  

Easy to join… Easy to Hobby REC Connect with others who like what you like!

  • Call 659-8581 or email the Rec basic contact information, name, address, email, contact # and list all current hobbies and/or area of recreation interests in which you would like to see a Hobby Club formed or a Recreation program offered.
  • Once contact information is received – members are registered in the system and placed on the Rec Hobby (private) hobby data-base.
  • The Rec will notify all registered members when a new Rec Hobby Club has been created or any other information or programs specific to the member’s area of interest.
  • Registered members are invited to get active immediately by posting information on the Rec’s Hobby Club community bulletin board (info. may also get posted on the Rec website).
  • Once a Hobby Club becomes active, membership also includes the use of the Rec’s Learning Center or appropriate room which can be used for club meetings or hobby participation times.
  • No membership fee is required to become a registered (privately listed member) on the Rec Hobby Club database. It is only when a member starts to participate in an active club that a member is asked to pay a minimal $10 annual membership fee to cover Rec program administrative costs.
  • The $10 membership fee is charged for each Active Hobby Club a member participates in.We are still working out the details for this new club.  

CLUB HOBBY HOSTS WANTED: Do you have a hobby / interest and would like to start a Rec Hobby Club.  We are currently looking for volunteers to take on the duties of being Rec Hobby Hosts. (annual club fees are waived for active hobby hosts)

Current Rec Hobby Clubs, Rules/Policies, Rec Hobby Host Duties  Form Attachment

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