We are excited to announce that in addition to our online registration process,  we now have ONLINE forms for camp!

To register online you will need your online ID and password ready for online enrollment.

To make the process easier please going online ahead of time and test to make sure that you can log onto your household account and update any information regarding your household if needed.

If you do not know your log-in ID or password give us a call and we will make sure that you are ready for registration.

When registering online you must pay for camp in FULL and complete all forms at the time of registration.

Please be aware that these forms do take a few minutes per camper to complete.

(Hine: It is also much more user friendly to complete the forms on a PC than on your cell phone.)

If you need to pay for camp in installments,  we invite your to stop by the Rec. to register with a deposit.

If you have any difficulty completing these forms please give us a call at 659-8581.    Give us a call.

We will be happy to help you onto your existing household.


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