Hip Hop Dance Crew

FREE Mini City and Junior Jam Hip Hop Dance Program
Co-sponsored by N.C.E.P.  & Newmarket Recreation

Wednesdays throughout the school year

9/14/16 Crew Auditions 

            Grades 1st – 4th @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
            Grades 5th- 8th @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

9/21/16 thru 10/19/16 Crew Practiceerry

             Junior Jam Crew – Grades 1st – 4th @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm

             Mini City Crew – Grades 5th- 8th @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

10/23/16 Last practice before Halloween Haunt Performance on 10/29/2016.   

             **DOUBLE SESSION** All classes are working on a large group performance piece and will be expected to attend from 3:15 thru 5:00 PM
**Transportation provided from N.E.S. to Community Center via First Student Bus (3Y)

11/2/16 thru 11/30/16 Crew Practice

             Junior Jam Crew – Grades 1st – 4th @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm

             Mini City Crew – Grades 5th- 8th @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

12/3/2016  Merry Main Street Performance

Crew auditions for January will be announced at ta future date. 

 That’s right!  Due to a grant we recently received from N.C.E.P., we are now able to offer this program at NO charge to our Newmarket kids!  So kids, if you like to dance and want to learn the latest in Hip Hop, we invite you to join in the fun!  Not only that, but we will also be sponsoring a Newmarket Rec Hip Hop Dance Crew who will be performing at several Newmarket Community events.

The dance program will be offered FREE only to Newmarket kids grades 1st through 4th, and 5th through 8th.  Kids will have an opportunity to be introduced to the basics of Hip Hop Dance and learn the latest in this very popular dance genre which was created on the streets in urban settings and has now moved to professional dance studios where students learn hip hop lyrical.  Our program will offer a little of both versions of Hip Hop plus, Animation which consists of Tutting & Top Rock, Waves & Isolations!  Overall, students will learn the very basics of Simple Dance Concept Building an/or “Painting a Picture.”  Much of the classes will be focused on learning and rehearsing the choreography to perform at a Showcase performance and/or Community/Local Events.  Due to space restrictions and our need for continuity of kids performing on the Dance Crew, kids will at times need to audition for certain Demo Mini City Dance Crew booked performances.

At the end of every weekly class, a freestyle session will be made available for those who wish to stay in order to encourage creativity, confidence building and overcoming the fear of crowds.

Lastly, we are well aware that many parents may have concerns about certain dance moves for certain ages, rest assure, ages, abilities, and the safety of the participants will be taken into consideration in regards to dance moves and all choreography.

rec camp pics 370 (2)We’re very lucky to have Instructor Anthony!
Recently Like most hip hop dancers, Anthony, a Newmarket resident, got his start in Hop Hop on his own with a group of friends that also enjoyed street dancing.  However, once Anthony realized he wanted to make a career of his passion to dance, he began to train at a professional level and has trained at several World of Dance Boston Workshops, most recently he worked with MTV Dance Crew Member – Phunk Phenomenon – Chris DiNicola.

Currently Anthony teaches at L.A. Beats Dance Studio in Portsmouth, NH and has also taught a Demo class at last year’s Newmarket Jr./Sr. High Wellness Day.  Last summer Anthony was voted Best Instructor at Newmarket Rec’s Camp Wanna Iguana Kid’s Choice Awards.

When not training or teaching Hip Hop, Anthony enjoys competing in regional dance competitions, up next is Prelude, an Urban Dance Competition in Boston, where he will be performing with New City Dance Crew.  Anthony is very excited to give back to Newmarket and insists on volunteering his talent and passion for hip hop with Newmarket kids teaching them the latest and greatest steps of the Hip Hop Dance Genre.

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